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Magnificat in D major BWV 243
Cantata “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern”

Alexander Weimann, organ and direction
Johanna Winkel soprano | Johannette Zomer soprano
James Laing countertenor | Zachary Wilder tenor
Matthew Brook bass baritone

ACD2 2727
• Founded in 1981, Arion Baroque Orchestra is the only period instrument orchestra based in the province of Québec.   The clarity and freshness of Arion's interpretations have been remarked upon since its first concerts.   The delicacy and artistry of its readings of well-chosen and varied works has been consistent over the past 35 years.

• Alexander Weimann is one of the most sought-after ensemble directors, soloists, and chamber music partners of his generation.   After traveling the world with ensembles, he now focuses on his activities as conductor of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra Vancouver, and as music director of Les Voix Baroques, Le Nouvel Opera and Tempo Rubato.

• Bach reworked his Magnificat BWV 243a in E-flat major, originally composed in 1723, transposing it up to D major and slightly modifying the instrumentation.   In this revised version he omitted the four interpolations or Christmas laudes.   On this recording directed by Alexander Weimann, Arion performs the version in D major (BWV 243), and reintroduces the four all-too-rarely heard laudes.

• Arion also performs Kuhnau's cantata Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (How lovely shines the morning star) to complete this joyful album devoted to Christmas.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 -1750)
Magnificat en re majeur BWV 243
  1. I. Magnificat [Chceur]       3:00
  2. II. Et exsultavit [Soprano 2]       2:07
  3. III. Laudes: Vom Himmel hoch       1:37
          [SATB a capella]
  4. IV. Ouia respexit - Omnes generationes       4:12
          [Soprano 1 - Chœur]
  5. V. Quia /ecit mini magna [Basse]       1:57
  6. VI. Laudes : Freut euch und jubiliert 1:19
          [SSAT (et contlnuo)]
  7. VII. Et misericordia [Alto et Ténor]       3:58
  8. VIII. Fecit Potentiam [Chœur]       1:49
  9. IX. Laudes : Gloria in excelsis [SSATB]       1:06
10. X. Deposuit potentes [Ténor]       1:44
11. XI. Esurientes implevit boni's [Alto]       3:03
12. XII. Laudes : Virga Jesse [SB]       2:59
13. XIII. Suscepit Israel [Sopranos 1-2]       2:20
14. XIV. Sicut locutus [Chœur]       1:44
15. XV. Gloria Patri [Chœur]       2:29

Johann Kuhnau (1660 -1722)
Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern,
pours voix, cordes, 2 cors et basse continue

16. I. Choral : Wi schön leuchtet       2:08
          der Morgenstern [Chœur]
17. II. Recitatif : Allein, heut wird       0:58
          der Grosse klein [Ténor]
18. III. Chœur : Uns ist ein Kind geboren       1:53
19. IV. Aria : O Wundersohn,       2:37
          dein überirdisch Wesen [Soprano 2]
20. V. Recitatif : Doch leuchtet       1:31
          in der Niedrigkeit [Ténor]
21. VI. Aria : Kommt, ihr Völker,       1:59
          kommt mit Haufen [Soprano 1]
22. VII. Accompagnato : Ich huld'ge dir,       1:24
          grossmächt'ger Prinz [Ténor]
23. VIII. Duo - Choral : Zwingt die Saiten       1:49
          in Cythara [Soprano 1 et 2, Chœur]

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