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Mathieu Lussier

Chamber Music for winds and piano

Pentaèdre & Guest Artists
Danièle Bourget, flute • Normand Forget, oboe and oboe d'amore
Martin Carpentier, clarinet • Louis-Philippe Marsolais, French horn
Mathieu Lussier, bassoon • Claudia Schaetzle, alto saxophone
Fraser Jackson, contrabassoon • Louise Lessard, piano

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• Canadian musician Mathieu Lussier is internationally well-known as an outstanding bassoon player, but he is also a composer much in demand in Canada and the United States.   Lussier's catalogue includes nearly 30 works for bassoon quartets and different wind instruments.

• Lussier started writing music about fifteen years ago, aligning himself with the instrumentalists of the 18th century who wrote music to enhance the repertoire of their instrument.   Lussier's colleagues have adopted his compositions for bassoon quartets and solo bassoon, which have been well received by the public.   His involvement in the woodwind quintet Pentaèdre, as well as the release of many recordings – including some of his compositions of solo works for the entire quintet - prompted him to produce an album featuring his own music.

• Mathieu Lussier's music has been recorded on numerous occasions and is broadcast all around the world.   Dos Tropicos, a wind quintet written in 2001, has been performed over a 100 times in Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.   Lussier's works are published by Trevcomusic in Florida and a recent work, Nightfall op.28, was published by the prestigious editor C.F. Peters of New York.   His work Bassango, arranged for bassoon and string orchestra, won 3rd prize in the Contemporary Classical Song category at the Just Plain Folks Awards in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009.

Mathieu Lussier (b. 1973)

  1. Passages op.16 for bassoon and piano   [5.48]

  2. Courtisanes op.30 for flute and piano   [9.59]

      White Rock Sonata op.28 for oboe d'amore and piano   [9.27]
  3. In a rythmic tango mood
  4. Sicilienne
  5. Interlude & final

  6. Introduction et sicilienne op.33 for clarinet and piano   [9.31]

  7. Bacchanale op.8 for flute, bassoon and piano   [7.44]

  8. Romance op.29 for oboe d'amore and piano   [8.09]

  9. In Memoriam op.18 for horn and piano   [5.05]

10. Récit et Lied op.31 for saxophone and piano   [6.45]

      Sextuor op.19 for wind quintet and contrabassoon   [14.36]
11. Allegro Giocoso
12. Interlude
13. Variations sur un thème folklorique

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