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Glazunov, Prokofiev, Chebotaryan, Al Wadi, Tajcevic, Abou-Khalil, Golijov, Gurdjieff

Amici Chamber Ensemble

ACD2 2655

• The fascinating, and mystifying sounds and colours of Levant, the “region of the rising Sun”, are the focus of Amici Ensemble’s latest recording project.   With music inspired by the Near East, the journey starts in the Balkans, moves into Israel, the Arabian Peninsula and up to the Caucasus mountains, and features an eclectic selection of works by Prokofiev, Gurdjieff, Golijov, and Abou-Khalil, among others.

• The Amici Chamber Ensemble has been at the forefront of the Canadian chamber music scene over the past twenty-five years.   Clarinetist Joaquin Valdepeñas, cellist David Hetherington, and pianist Serouj Kradjian invite some of the finest musicians to join them in eclectic programming and projects, at the same time celebrating friendship through music; hence the name Amici.   Some of the many renowned artists who have performed with Amici are James Ehnes, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Benjamin Bowman, Russell Braun, Michael Schade, Cho-Liang Lin, Jaime Laredo, André Laplante and James Sommerville.

• Alongside numerous broadcasts of their concerts on national radio, Amici’s recordings have placed them firmly among the world’s best chamber ensembles and have garnered a Juno award (for “Among Friends”), and several Juno award nominations, most recently, a 2011 Juno nomination for their ATMA Classique disc “Armenian Chamber Music”.

Amici Chamber Ensemble
Joaquin Valdepeñas CLARINET | CLARINETTE
David Hetherington CELLO | VIOLONCELLE
Serouj Kradjian PIANO
Benjamin Bowman * Stephen Sitarski VIOLINS | VIOLONS
Steven Dann VIOLA | ALTO

  1. Rêverie Orientale, Op. 14 No, 2 [ Clarinet & String Quartet | Clarinette et quatuor &afrave; cordes ]     6:25

SERGEI PROKOF1EV [1891-1953]
  2. Overture on Hebrew Thèmes: for Clarinet, String Quartet, and Piano, Op. 34 |
      Ouverture sur des thèmes juifs pour clarinette, piano et quatuor a cordes     8:26

  3. Armenian Song | Chant arménien [ Piano ]     2:43     8:26

  4. Trio for Piano, Violin *, and Cello | Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle     8:11

SOLHI AL-WADI [1934-2007]
Trio for Piano, Violin *, and Cello | Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle [1975]     74:33
  5. II. Burlesque: Allegro     3:04
  6. IV. Adagio — Moderato — Adagio     11:29

  7. Sayyid Chant and Dance, No, 29 | Chant et danse [ Piano ]     4:45

MARKO TAJCEV1C [1900-1984]
      Seven Balkan Dances for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano |
      Sept danses des Balkans pour clarinette, violoncelle et piano       8.   I. Con moto     7:32
  9.  II. Rustico     1:34
10. III. Vivo     0:49
11.  IV. Sostenuto e cantabile     2:06
12.   V. Allegro ritmico     0:55
13. VI. Allegretto     0:47
14. VII. Allegro quasi pesante     1:06

15. Sayyid Chant and Dance, No. 10 | Chant et danse [ Piano ]     3:17

RAB1H ABOU-KHALIL [b. | né en 1957] | Arr. Serouj Kradjian
16. Arabian Waltz * | Valse arabe [ Violin, Cello, and Piano Violon, violoncelle et piano ]     4:06
      (Universal Edition)

OSVALDO GOLUOV [b | né en 1960]
17. Levante (Fantasy on a chorus from La pasión según San Marcos) [ Piano ]     4:25
      (Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes 2005)

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