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Francis Poulenc
Musique de Chambre | Chamber Music

Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, and horn
Sonata for flute and piano ~ Élégie for horn and piano
Sonata for clarinet and piano ~ Trio for piano, oboe, and bassoon

David Jalbert, piano

ACD2 2646
• To mark the 50th anniversary of Francis Poulenc's death (1899-1963), Pentaèdre offers a wide range of chamber music by this famous French composer.

• Francis Poulenc's catalogue contains some 200 works, consisting of mostly of vocal music (operas, sacred music, and songs).   It also includes many pieces for piano, four concertos, music for the theatre, three ballets, and a dozen works of chamber music.   For this recording, Pentaèdre has chosen major chamber music works including the sextet and trio with piano and sonatas for wind instruments.

• Pentaèdre is composed of five musicians whose talent, technique, and precision are renowned.   Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon each provide their very specific color to create a rich, unique, and homogeneous sonority that is the ensemble's distinctive trade mark.   Canadian pianist David Jalbert joins the group for the works with piano.

Pentaèdre (b.1956)

Danièle Bourget, flute ~ Martin Carpentier, clarinet
Normand Forget, oboe ~ Louis-Philippe Marsolais, horn
Mathieu Lussier, bassoon

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

      Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, and horn, FP 100     18:05
  1. I. Allegro vivace
  2. II. Divertissement
  3. III. Finale

      Sonata for flute and piano, FP 164     11:42
  4. I. Allegretto malincolico
  5. II. Cantilena: Assez lent
  6. III. Presto giocoso

  7. Élégie for horn and piano, FP 168     9:02

      Sonata for clarinet and piano, FP 184     13:23
  8. I. Allegro tristamente (Allegretto - Très calme - Tempo allegretto)
  9. II. Romanza (Très calme)
10. III. Allegro con fuoco (Très animé)

      Trio for piano, oboe, and bassoon, FP 43     12:17
11. I. Presto
12. II. Andante
13. III. Rondo

14. Novelette     3:06

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