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J.S. Bach:
Nouveaux «Brandebourgeois» 7-12

Reconstruction by Bruce Haynes

La Bande Montréal Baroque
Eric Milnes

ACD2 2565

• ATMA Classique presents six ‘New’ Concertos inspired by Bachís highly colourful and creative sequence of orchestrations of the Brandenburgs.   This historical reconstruction has been done by scholar and oboist Bruce Haynes.

• More in the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the famous recordings by the Swingle Singers, or of Wendy Carlos Switched on Bach, these concertos are not meant as serious reconstructions, merely as speculative trials to demonstrate the possibilities for instrumental treatment of Bachís rich fund of musical inventions contained in the cantatas and other vocal works.

• La Bande Montr&eacut;ťal Baroque brings together some of Montrealís finest early music performers.   Under the Artistic directions of Susie Napper, the ensemble was created especially for the Montréal Baroque Festival, which is held in June since 2003 in Old Montreal.

BRUCE HAYNES 1942-2011

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 7 for trumpet, oboe, horn,bassoon, timpani, strings and continuo in D major
  1. Allegro (cantate BWV 34/1)
  2. Adagio (cantate BWV 150/1)
  3. Allegro (cantate BWV 31/1)

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 8 for recorder, traverso, oboe da caccia, bassoon, violin, strings and continuo in C major
  4. Allegro (cantate BWV 74/7)
  5. Affettuoso (cantate BWV 99/5)
  6. Allegro (cantate BWV 65/6)

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 9 for strings and continuo in D major
  7. Allegro (cantate BWV 11/1)
  8. Adagio - Allegro (cantate BWV 34/5)

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 10 for 2 alto recorders, 2 voice flutes, strings and continuo in D minor
  9. Andante (messe BWV 235/1)
10. Allegro (cantate BWV 78/2)
11. Presto (messe BWV 235/6)

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 11 for oboe, harpsichord, strings and continuo in D minor
12. Allegro (cantate BWV 35/1)
13. Adagio (concerto BWV 1063/2)
14. Allegro (cantate BWV 35/5)

Concerto «brandebourgeois» No. 12 for 2 violas da gamba, 2 cellos and continuo in E minor
15. Allegro (cantate BWV 163/3)
16. Andante (cantate BWV 80/7)
17. Allegro (cantate BWV 18/1)

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