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Jehan Titelouze (1563-1633)
Hymnes de l'Église pour toucher sur l'orgue,
avec les fugues et recherches sur leur plain-chant

Yves-G. Préfontaine, Julien Tribuot organ (1699)
Les Chantres du Roy

ACD2 2558 - 2CD Set
• Remembered - if at all - as kind Australopithecus of the organ, Jehan Titelouze is the foundation of the French organ tradition.   Almost 400 years ago a Paris publisher issued this collection of 39 pieces, the first French book devoted to the keyboard works of a single composer.   Titelouze explored twelve of the most popular hymn tunes of the day in these “fugues and ricercars”, extending the language of 16th century polyphony and, by his use of dissonances, seventh chords, and chromaticism, hinting of new paths music would take.

• Le Devoir said, using words originally applied to François Couperin, that Yves-G. Préfontaine has “a wonderful skill in playing the organ and the harpsichord”.   Préfontaine is very active in the Montreal and Quebec musical worlds. He is president of the Amis de l'Orgue de Montréal, artistic director of the Festival des Couleurs de l'Orgue français, organist and choirmaster at the Grand Séminaire de Montréal, and organist at the Sanctuaire Marie-Reine-des-Coeurs.   He gives recitals elsewhere in Canada, in the United States, and in Europe, and has worked as a teacher, researcher and radio host.

• Préfontaine included the Titelouze Magnificat on his ATMA disc of that name.

• Recorded on the 1699 Tribuot organ at the church of St Martin in Seurre, France, May - June, 2008.

CD 1 [61 :03]

  1-  5 : Hymne I :: Ad cœnam
  6-12 : Hymne II :: Veni Creator
13-18 : Hymne III :: Pange lingua
19-24 : Hymne IV :: Ut queant
25-31 : Hymne V :: Ave maris stella
32-36 : Hymne VI :: Conditor alme siderum
CD 2 [54:45]

  1-  7 : Hymne VII :: A solis ortus cardine
  8-11 : Hymne VIII :: Exsultet cœlum
12-14 : Hymne IX :: Annue Christe
15-19 : Hymne X :: Sanctorum Meritis
20-22 : Hymne XI :: Iste confessor
23-26 : Hymne XII :: Urbs Jerusalem

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