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Charles Tournemire • Mariae Virginis

Vincent Boucher, organ
Beckerath Organ, Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

ACD2 2473

Canadian organist Vincent Boucher continues his exploration of Tournemire's complete organ music with Volume 4 of the cycle. The pieces that comprise the enourmous L'Orgue Mystique are organized in 51 sets, one for every Sunday and holiday of the liturgical year except Advent and Lent, when the organ remains silent. An ardent believer, Tournemire insisted on adding pieces for the holidays celebrating the Virgin Mary: the feasts of the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity of Mary, the Purification, and the Assumption.

• “To undertake this recording project is to face an unsuspected and gigantic quantity of music: 253 pieces of L'Orgue mystique, the symphonies, the poems, the collections… It is also to find oneself in the presence of music that is innovative, mystical and poetic,” says Vincent Boucher.

• In January 2015, Vincent Boucher was named official organist of Saint Joseph's Oratory of Montreal. The church’s great Beckerath organ has 78 stops and five keyboards. Vincent Boucher has performed extensively in Canada and in Europe, notably in Austria, England, and in France at the cathedrals of Chartres, Bourges, and Notre-Dame de Paris. Boucher enjoys a true double career, pursuing music and finance professionally.

• Boucher has completed a doctorate in performance at McGill University with John Grew and WIlliam Porter; furthered his studies in Vienna with Michael Gailit, and later in Paris with Pierre Pincemaille; and has taken private classes with James David Christie.

• Boucher has already made 11 recordings, which have won a number of prizes and the praise of critics. In 2007 on ATMA Classique, he released the first recording of the complete works of Charles Tournemire.

Charles Tournemire (1870-1939) • Mariae Virginis

  1. Pièce symphonique, op. 16       [8:28]

      L'Orgue mystique op. 57
      Office «In Assumptione B. M. V.»
  2. Introït      [1:36]
  3. Offertoire       [4:47]
  4. Élévation       [1:30]
  5. Communion       [2:47]
  6. Paraphrase-Carillon       [10:12]

      Petites fleurs musicales, op. 66
      Office «In Assumptione B. M. V.»
  7. Introït       [0:47]
  8. Offertoire       [1:48]
  9. Élévation       [0:50]
10. Communion       [1:09]
11. Chaconne       [2:30]

      Postludes libres pour les Antiennes de Magnificat, op. 68
12. Postlude «In Assumptione B. M. V.»       [0:35]
13. Amen «In Assumptione B. M. V.»       [0:47]

      L'Orgue mystique, op. 55
      Office «Immaculata Conceptio B. Mariae Virginis»
14. Introït       [1:57]
15. Offertoire       [4:28]
16. Élévation       [1:17]
17. Communion       [3:40]
18. Postlude       [10:15]

      Petites fleurs musicales, op. 66
      Office «Immaculata Conceptio B. Mariae Virginis»
19. Introït       [0:52]
20. Offertoire       [1:54]
21. Élévation       [0:50]
22. Communion       [1:16]
23. Ricercare       [1:22]

      Postludes libres pour les Antiennes de Magnificat, op. 68
24. Postlude «Immaculata Conceptio B. Mariae Virginis»       [0:51]
25. Amen «Immaculata Conceptio B. Mariae Virginis»       [1:02]

Vincent Boucher
Orgue Rudolf von Beckerath de la basilique | Basilica Gallery Beckerath Organ, 1960
Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

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