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Charles Tournemire • Trinitas

Vincent Boucher, organ
Casavant Organ, Op. 615 1915-1995
(Restauration) Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Montreal

ACD2 2472

Canadian organist Vincent Boucher continues his cycle of the organ music of Charles Tournemire (1870-1939) with volume 3 devoted to Triple choral op. 4.   This work is crucial to understanding and appreciating not only Tournemire's work, but French symphonic organ music of the early 20th century.   Triple Choral op.4 marked a turning point in Tournemire's career, when he became the truly original composer that we now know.

“To undertake this recording project is to face an unsuspected and gigantic quantity of music: 253 pieces of L'Orgue mystique, the symphonies, the poems, the collections…   It is also to find oneself in the presence of music that is innovative, mystical and poetic,” says Vincent Boucher.

Vincent Boucher has performed extensively, both in Canada and in Europe, and most notably at the cathedrals of Chartres, Bourges, and Notre-Dame de Paris.   In 2000 he won first prize in the John Robb Organ Competition.   In 2002, he won the Académie de musique du Québec's Prix d'Europe, which has not been given to an organist since 1966.   In 2003 he was awarded an Opus Prize in the category Discovery of the Year.   He has already made seven award-winning and highly praised recordings on the ATMA Clasique label.

Charles Tournemire (1870-1939) • Trinitas

  1. Triple Choral, op. 41

      Postludes libres pour des Antiennes de Magnificat
      pour orgue sans pédale ou harmonium, op. 68 (1935)
  2. Amen no 8 «In Festo Ss. Trinitatis»
  3. Postlude no 26 «In Festo Ss. Trinitatis»

      L'Orgue mystique, op. 57 (1927-1932)
      Office «In Festo Ss. Trinitatis»
  4. Prélude à l'Introït
  5. Offertoire
  6. Élévation
  7. Communion
  8. Triptyque

  9. Postludes libres pour des Antiennes de Magnificat
      pour orgue sans pédale ou harmonium, op. 68 (1935)
      Postlude no 44 «Dominica XVII post Pentecosten»

      L'Orgue mystique, op. 57 (1927-1932)
      Office «Domenica XVII post Pentecosten»
10. Prélude à l'IntroÏt
11. Offertoire
12. Élévation
13. Communion
14. Choral Alleluiatique no 2

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