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Brahms / Jenner
Sonatas for
Clarinet and Piano

André Moisan, clarinet
Jean Saulnier, piano

ACD2 2358

André Moisan and Jean Saulnier have put together for this recording, three sonatas dedicated to the great German clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld (1856-1907).   The two sonatas of Op.120 and the sonata by Gustav Jenner (1865-1920), Brahms' only student.   Brahms' chamber music sometimes gets difficult - Brahms did not hold back from difficulty, notably in his quartets and certain of his sonatas.   Yet in the magic case of the two sonatas for clarinet, one cannot but mention a sacrilegious idea: the relation between the two instruments is one of easy, perfect complicity.   Mühlfed's sonority must have been as extraordinary as is the unique, rich, and new universe to which these works take us.

Jenner’s Sonata for clarinet, Op.5, dates from 1900.   Though Jenner's sonata is inferior to Brahms', it is nonetheless a polished piece of work and shows the strong influence that Mühlfeld could exercise in stimulating composers so as to broaden this repertoire with pieces he liked.

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
  1. -   4. Sonate pour clarinette et piano en fa mineur op.120 n° 1
               Sonata for clarinet and piano in F minor Op.120 No.1       23:32
  5. -   7. Sonate pour clarinette et piano en mi bémol majeur op.120 n° 2
               Sonata for clarinet and piano in E flat major Op.120 No.2       22:13

Gustav Jenner (1865-1920)
  8. - 10. Sonate pour clarinette et piano en sol majeur
               Sonata for clarinet and piano in G major       26:13

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