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Complete Keyboard Works, Volume 1

Alexander Weimann, harpsichord

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Originally from Germany, Alexander Weimann is becoming more and more active in the musical scene in Canada and the U.S.   In recent years,he has emerged as one of the most sought-after ensemble directors, soloists, and chamber music partners of his generation.   As such, he could be heard in festivals in Boston, Tanglewood, Vancouver, Graz, Salzburg, Vienna, Bremen, Halle, Irsee, Karlsruhe, Schleswig-Holstein, London, Brussels, and Utrecht.   He is a member of the Ensemble Tragicomedia, as well as a frequent guest of the Boreades, Cantus Colln, the Freiburger Barockorchester, the Gesualdo-Consort, Tafelmusik, and Les Voix Baroques, to name a few.   In 2003, he launched his new ensemble, called Tempo Rubato.   He has also successfully directed at the Rococo Stage of the Palace Theatre at Sanssoucis, the opera group I Confidenti.   He recently took over the artistic direction of Academic Baroque de Montreal.

After assistance work at opera houses in Amsterdam, Basel, and Hamburg, he stepped forward with his own productions: Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona with the Freiburger Barockorchester, Pepusch's Beggar's Opera staged at the Palace Theater of Gotha, Handel's Orlando Furioso and Stradella's Moroper Amore for the Teamtheater of Munich, Telemann's Seliges Erwagen, presented during the European Week held at Passau, the opera pastiche Capriole d'Amore at the 2004 Handel Festival of Halle, and in 2005, the Caldara oratorio Clodoveo at festivals in Montreal, Vancouver, and Berlin.

  1. Toccata d'ottava stesa (Preludio Presto),
      Adagio (Cantabile ed appoggiato),
      Presto, Fuga, Adagio (Cantabile ed appoggiato)
      en ré mineur | D minor | d-moll

  2. Follia       7:27
      en ré mineur | D minor | d-moll

  3. Toccata, Fuga       4:54
      en ré mineur | D minor | d-moll

  4. Toccata, Fuga, Minuetto       3:53
      en sol majeur | G major | G-Dur

  5. Toccata (Arpeggio), Fuga, Allegro, Corrente       9:50
      en sol mineur | G minor | g-moll

  6. Toccata (Adagio/Andante/Adagio/Allegro)       5:04
      en fa majeur | F major | F-Dur

  7. Toccata, Fuga       5:02
      en la mineur | A minor | a-moll

  8. Toccata ( - /Adagio/Presto), Fuga (Allegro), Corrente       5:14
      en fa majeur | F major | F-Dur

  9. Toccata prima       4:55
      en sol majeur | G major | G-Dur

10. Toccata, Fuga, Allegro, Minuetto, Presto       7:32
      en mi mineur | E minor | e-moll

11. Toccata (Arpeggio/Presto/Allegro)       4:38
      en sol majeur | G major | G-Dur

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