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Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Concertos pour violon
/ Violin Concertos

Marc Destrubé   -   violon / violin

Pacific Baroque Orchestra

ACD2 2287

Haydn wrote most of his instrumental concertos during the 1760s, his first decade of service to the Esterhazy family.   Prince Paul Anton had hired the composer in 1761 and placed him in charge of the "Camer-Musique," which provided all instrumental music as well as secular vocal music to the court.   Haydn's duties included maintaining the instruments and music library, leading the orchestra from the violin, and, of course, supplying a steady stream of new music for the enjoyment of the Prince and his guests.
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Concerto for violin and strings in G Major 18:07
Hoboken VII a:4
Concerto pour violon et cordes en sol majeur
    1. ] Allegro mo derate 8:02
    2. ] Adagio 6:18
    3. ] Allegro 3:47

Concerto for violin and strings in C Major 17:48
Hoboken VIIa:l
Concerto pour violon et cordes en do majeur
    4. ] Allegro moderate 9:02
    5. ] Adagio 4:33
    6. ] Finale-Presto 4:13

Concerto for violin and strings in A Major 23:19
Hoboken VIIa: 3
Concerto pour violon et cordes en la majeur
    7. ] Moderate 11:45
    8. ] Adagio 5:27
    9. ] Finale-Allegro 6:07

Cadenzas by Marc Destrubé / Cadenzas par Marc Destrubé

Pacific Baroque Orchestra
Marc Destrubé, leader / directeur

Violins / Violons:
Alice Blankenship
Lise Boutin
Jenny Essers
Elizabeth Lupton-Enns
Paul Luchkow
John Sawyer
Michelle Speller
Nicki Stieda
Violas / Altos:
Steve Creswell
Angela Malmberg

Cello / Violoncelle:
Laura Kramer

Nan Mackie

Harpsichord / Clavecin:
Doreen Oke

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