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When Giuseppe Sammartini arrived in London from Milan (probably in 1728), he was one of many Italian musicians who saw their future in Anglo-Saxon terrain.   Geminiani, Barsanti and Bononcini were among the composers who made their home on the isle.   Why was this trend for emigration out of Italy so strong?   Two different reasons must be mentioned.   First, ever since the seventeenth century, Italian musicians were in demand abroad as stars of their trade.   The sunshine of Italian art that seduced so many central European artists to Rome, Florence, and Venice could be brought, in the form of Italian musicians, right to the front door.   The numerous appointments of Italian maestros to highly endowed positions above all at the courts of Austrian and German nobles says much in this regard.

Second, particularly in England, in the early eighteenth century the work conditions for musicians were favorable.   The middle classes had emancipated themselves from the nobility, so that culture, now largely financially independent of the nobility, could blossom.   Public concerts and opera undertakings multiplied musicians' opportunities, making the importation of stellar virtuosi not only desirable but necessary.

Matthias Maute
Translation Johann Rom

Matthias Maute, flûte à bec, flûte traversière, violon alto
Sophie Larivière, flûte à bec, flūte traversière

Jôrg-Michael Schwarz, violon baroque
Karen Marmer, violon baroque
John Moran, violoncelle
Dongsok Shin, clavecin
Invité / Guest: Eric Lagacé, contrebasse
Giuseppe Sammartini (1693-1770)
Concerto en fa majeur pour flûte à bec soprano, cordes et basse continue     10:56
  1. Allegro     3:26
  2. (Siciliano)     3:56
  3. Allegro assai     3:34
      Sophie Larivière, flûte à bec

Sonate en trio op. 2, n° 6 en ré mineur pour deux flûtes à bec et basse continue     7:43
  4. Adagio     2:09
  5. Allegro     1:38
  6. Largo     1:44
  7. Allegro     2.72

Matthias Maute (1963-)
Concerto detta la Sammartini en sol majeur pour flûte traversière, flûte à bec, 2 violons et basse continue     11:26
  8. Allegro     4:16
  9. Adagio     4:01
10. Allegro     3:09
      Matthias Maute, flûte traversière
      Sophie Larivière, flûte à bec

Giuseppe Sammartini
Sonate «Sibley» en sol majeur pour flûte à bec et basse continue     8:31
11. Allegro / A tempo giusto     1:34
12. Andante     3:06
13. (Tempo di Minuetto)     3:51
      Matthias Maute, flûte à bec

Concerto en ré majeur pour flûte traversière, 2 violons et basse     12:58
14. Allegro     4:51
15. Siciliano     4:18
16. Vivace     3:49
      Matthias Maute, flûte traversière

Sonate en trio op.1, n° 6 en si mineur pour deux flûtes traversières et basse continue     10:46
17. Con spirito     1:12
18. Allegro     2:15
19. Andante e staccato     3:14
20. (Allegro)     4:05

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