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La trompette italienne

Vivaldi - Frescobaldi - Marcello

André Henry   -   trompette / trumpet
Marc-André Doran   -   orgue / organ

ACD2 2240

The Baroque era was a propitious period for the development and expansion of trumpet music. Preferences went not only to the intimacy of harpsichords and viols, but also to the radiance and pomp of outdoor ceremonies and horseback carousels with trumpets and kettledrums, as to the imperial sonorities of great organs resounding in vast churches.

More often than not confined until then with the kettledrums to an accompanying role at military parades and tournaments, the trumpet acquired at the out-set of the 17th century a new-found prestige in the field of chamber and church music and in the capacity of soloist. Indeed, 1623 witnessed the constitution in the Holy Roman Empire of the Imperial Guild of Trumpeters and Kettledrummers, following Privileges granted by Ferdinand II. This Guild, as well as others throughout Europe, conferred a preferential status upon trumpeters, supervised instruction in the instrument and controlled accessibility to positions and circumstances of performance.

During the course of the century, a distinction arose within the trumpet corps, where the "chamber" or "concert" trumpeter's superior technique, flawless into-nation in the high, or clarino register - and even his capacity to play as softly as a flute - earned him the exclusive right to perform sonatas and concertos accompanied by instrumental ensembles and, more rarely, the organ.

The present recording comprises mainly transcriptions of concertos (with the exception of the authentic concerto by Torelli - a Bolognese master who composed much for the trumpet) and sonatas originally written for other instruments such as the oboe or the violin. However, the relationship between the organ and the trumpet was indeed well established back then and must have given rise to the same explorations as today in order to expand the repertory.


Carlo Tessarini     (v.1690-v.1766)
Sonate en ré majeur pour trompette et orgue     6:23
[  1] Allegro     2:35
[  2] Adagio     2:04
[  3] Allegro     1:44

Francesco Maria Veracini     (1690-1768)
Concerto en mi mineur pour trompette et orgue     7:54
[  4] Allegro     3:31
[  5] Grazioso. Gavotte     2:12
[  6] Gigue     2:11

Johann Sebastian Bach     (1685-1750)
[  7] Fugue en si mineur BWV 579 pour orgue     5:03

Giavanni Buonaventura Viviani     (v.1638-v.1692)
Sonata prima pour trompette et orgue     5:10
[  8] Andante     1:39
[  9] Allegro moderato     0:45
[10] Allegro     0:53
[11] Allegro     0:55
[12] Adagio     0:58

Girolamo Frescobaldi     (1583-1643)
[13] Toccata per l'Elevatione
pour orgue (Fiori musicali, 1635)     2:09
[14] Bergamasca chi questa Bergamosa sonará, non pocho imparerà
pour orgue (Fiori musicali, 1635)     4:56

Antonio Vivaldi     (1678-1741)
Concerto en sol mineur pour trompette et orgue     5:52
[15] Vivace     1:28
[16] Largo     1:51
[17] Allegro     2:33

Girolamo Frescobaldi     (1583-1643)
[18] Ricercar con obligo di cantare la quinta parte senza toccarla     2:54
pour trompette et orgue (Fiori musicali, 1635)

Alessandro Marcello     (1684-1750)
Concerto en ré mineur pour trompette et orgue     11:47
[19] Largo e spiccato     3:52
[20] Adagio     4:31
[21] Presto     3:24

Guiseppe Torelli     (1658-1709)
Concerto en ré majeur pour trompette et orgue     7:10
[22] [Allegro]     2:22
[22] Adagio     3:12
[22] Allegro     1:36

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