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Mystery and unbridled virtuosity respectively distinguish the biography and the keyboard works of John Bull. While the composer's biography remains cloaked in legend, his keyboard works, which span a variety of genres (plainsong settings, preludes and fantasies, pavans and galliards, other dance forms, arrangements and character pieces, and grounds and variations) reflect his spectacular accomplishments both in the English and Continental styles. Bull scholar Walker Cunningham has astutely remarked that the awesome stylistic range and technical demands of his keyboard music reflect his place within "the two musical cultures which his life spanned-the one English and Renaissance, the other Continental and Baroque." *

* - Walker Cunningham, The Keyboard Music of John Bull (Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press. 1984), xvi.

1.   In Nomine (I) 4:43
2.   Chromatic Fantasia 2:44
3.   Fantasia "La Guamina" 3:32
4.   In Nomine (III) 3:31
5.   Prelude and Fantasia "Sol ut, mi fa sol la" 3:37
6.   Salvator mundi 9:10
7.   Fantasia "A Leona" 4:44
8.   In Nomine (XII) 3:29
9.   Fantasia (I) "Vestiva i colli" 3:50
10. In Nomine (IX) 8:05
11. Prelude and Carol "Laet ons met herten rejine" 3:27
12. Carol (I) "Een Kindeken is ons geboren" 2:58
13. Carol "Den lustelijcken Meij" 5:50
14. Christe Redemptor omnium 3:23
15. In Nomine (II) 4:16
16. Salve Regina (I) 7:38

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