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Adolphe Blanc
Septuor op.40
Trio op.23
Quintette op.37

Les Vents du Montréal
André Moisan

ACD2 2224

Adolphe Blanc was born on June 24,1828 in Manosque, France, in the Basses-Alpes region.   He was thirteen years old when he left for Paris, where he was admitted to a violin class at the Conservatoire, a must for all aspiring fiddlers.   He obtained a diploma in this instrument (prix de concours) and continued on to the composition class of the celebrated Fromental Halévy (1799-1862), author of one of the great operatic successes of the time, La Juive.   In those years, France was engulfed in an opera craze; the French couldn't get enough: grand opera, comic opera, opera buffa, opera in all shapes and sizes.   It was in such a context that Blanc, upon completing his schooling, embarked on the more intimate path of chamber music, as if wishing to consolidate in his country the legacy of the Classics in this field, still relatively unknown outside the initiated few.

Jacques-André Houle

Septuor en mi majeur pour clarinette, cor, basson, violon, alto, violoncelle et contrebasse, op. 40
Septet in E major for clarinet, French horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass, Op. 40

  1. Allegro       9:26
  2. Andante       8:37
  3. Scherzo (Tarantelle)       2:56
  4. Finale       7:57       28:56

Trio en si bémol majeur pour piano, clarinette et violoncelle, op. 23
Trio in B flat major for piano, clarinet and cello, Op. 23

  5. Allegro ma non troppo       10:28
  6. Scherzo       3:56
  7. Finale       8:19       22:43

Quintette en mi bémol majeur pour piano, flûte, clarinette, cor et basson, op. 37
Quintet in E flat major for piano, flute, clarinet, French horn and bassoon, Op. 37

  8. Allegro       11:36
  9. Scherzo       3:48
10. Finale       6:00       21:24

      Total Time 73:20

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