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trio contrastes

Olivier Thouin violon
David Veilleux clarinette
Stéphan Sylvestre piano

ACD2 2223

“Contrasts” first and foremost, is the wonderful work for clarinet violin and piano composed by Béla Bartók.

The Trio Contrastes, with pianist Stéphan Sylvestre, violinist Olivier Thouin and clarinettist David Veideux, arouses the enthusiasm of audiences and concert promoters alike thanks to the exceptional qualaties of its musicians and its exploration of a rich and novel repertoire.   The musicians are also eager to premiere new works and to join with other artists in order to embrace a wider and more varied repertoire.

In 1999, following a concert recorded by Radio Canada, the Trio was nominated for the “Discovery of the Year” prize at the Quebec Opus Prize Gala.   During the 2000-2001 season, the Trio Contrastes performed in the Pro Musica Society's Topaze series and conducted a 30-concert national tour under the auspices of Youth and Music Canada.

Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978)
      Trio pour clarinette, violon et piano      16:03
[  1] Andante con dolore, con molto espressione       4:43
[  2] Allegro       4:13
[  3] Moderato       7:07

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
      Contrasts, pour clarinette, violon et piano, Sz 111       16:59
[  4] Verbunkos       5:18
[  5] Pihenö       4:35
[  6] Sebes       7:06

Igor Strqavinsky (1882-1971)
      Histoire du Soldat       14:23
      (Suite pour violon, clarinette et piano)

[  7] La Marche du soldat       1:33
[  8] Le Violon du soldat       2:31
[  9] Le Petit concert       2:53
[10] Tango; Valse; Ragtime       6:03
[11] La Danse du diable       1:23

Srul Irving Glick (1934-)
[12] The Klezmer's Wedding       12:03
      (trio pour clarinette, violon et piano)

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