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Debussy, Elgar et l'orgue

Benjamin Waterhouse - Orgue Mitchell, 1872

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The organ in the parish church of Saint-Fabien-de-Panef, Quebec, was originally built in 1872 by the renowned Montréal organ builder Louis Mitchell for the Sainte-Madeleine church in Rigaud, west of Montréal.   An almost identical instrument still exists in the neighbouring parish of Vaudreuil.   In 1919, following the acquisition of a new organ, the Mitchell instrument was moved to Saint-Fabien by the organ builders Casavant Fréres.   It has remained unchanged since its construction in the 1870s, except for the addition of an electric blower in 1960.   The 1919 work by Casavant seems to have been limited to re-erecting the organ in its new home, since the pipework bears no signs of re-voicing.   In 1996, thanks to the efforts of the organist and parish priest at Saint-Fabien, a grant was obtained from the Quebec foundation for religious heritage and the organ was scrupulously restored to its original state by Montreal organ builder Denis Juget.   Two extra stops, prepared for the original instrument but apparently never installed, completed the work begun a hundred years before.   The organ stands in the rear gallery, beneath the bell tower, in a fine early 20th-century building of which the interior, including the shallow barrel vault, is entirely finished in painted wood.

      Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
  1. Premiére Arabesque     4:27
  2. Deuxiéme Arabesque     4:18
      (transcriptions: Léon Roques, 1911)

      Petite suite (15:03)
  3. En Bateau     3:51
  4. Cortège     3:47
  5. Menuet     3:25
  6. Ballet     4:00
      (transcriptions: Léon Roques, 1911)

      Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
  7. Chanson de Nuit, Op. 15 no. 1     3:38
  8. Chanson de Matin, Op. 15 no. 2     3:31
      (transcriptions: A. Herbert Brewer, 1904)

  9. Salut d'Amour     3:27
      (transcription: Edwin H. Lemare, 1897)

10. Imperial March, Op. 32     5:52
      (transcription: George C. Martin, 1897)

      Vesper Voluntaries, Op. 14     (18:48)
11. Introduction (Adagio)     1:27
12. I (Andante)     1:10
13. II (Allegro)     2:19
14. III (Andantino)     2:40
15. IV (Allegretto piacevole); Intermezzo     2:08
16. V (Poco lento)     1:45
17. VI (Moderato)     1:27
18. VII (Allegretto pensoso)     2:07
18. VIII (Poco Allegro); Adagio, come prima     3:45

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