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Sonates pour flûte et basse continue, Œuvre II

Claire Guimond,
flûte baroque / baroque flute

John Toll - clavecin / harpsichord
Johnathon Manson - viole de gambe / viola da gamba

ACD2 2204

Most of the composers of the Baroque period first gained fame during their life-time as virtuoso interpreters: one need only think of Vivaldi the violinist, or Bach, at the keyboards of his organ or harpsichord, enriching the repertoires of their instruments. Though his production was substantially smaller, Michel Blavet, perhaps the most distinguished French flautist of his century, did exemplary justice to the possibilities of the instrument perfected by the Hotteterre family midway through the reign of Louis XIV. Known at the time as the flute allemande - for reasons that remain obscure to this day - the Baroque flute, with its conical bore, comprising three, then four adjustable segments, as well as a key to facilitate attaining D sharp in the lower register, pushed aside the recorder in the first decades of the eighteenth century. Musicians and audiences preferred its refinement, its subtle expressiveness, and its potential for modulating volume by breathing. Composers were quick to exploit these attributes - and to conceal the slight inequalities in intensity resulting from the cross-fingerings necessary to produce half-tones.

François Filiatrault, 1999
Translated by Fred A. Reed

Michel Blavet (1700-1768)
Sonates mêlées de pièces pour la flûte traversière avec la basse, Œuvre II, 1732
Premiere sonata, en sol majeur /
First Sonata in G Major

  1. Adagio     2:13
  2. Allegro     2:56
  3. Première aria L'Henriette
    (rondeau) - Seconde aria -
    Première aria da capo     4:50
  4. Presto     3:15

Seconde sonate, en ré mineur /
Second Sonata in D minor

  5. La Vibray (andante)     2:41
  6. Allemanda (allegro)     2:46
  7. Gavotte Les caquets (moderato)     2:16
  8. Sarabanda (largo)     1:49
  9. Allegro     3:49

Troisième sonate, La Dhérouville, en mi mineur /
Third Sonata, La Dherouville, in E minor

10. Adagio     2:09
11. Allemanda (andante)     2:56
12. Rondeau L'Insinuante (gratioso)     2:44
13. Le Mondorge, tambourins I et II
    (presto)     1:41
14. Giga (allegro)     1:59

Quatrième sonate, La Lumagne, en sol mineur /
Fourth Sonata, La Lumagne, in G minor

15. Adagio     2:08
16. Allemanda (allegro)     2:37
17. Ciciliana     2:39
18. Presto     2:49
19. Le Lutin (allegro)     1:55

Cinquième sonate, en ré majeur /
Fifth Sonata in D Major

20. La Chauvet (largo)     2:09
21. Allegro     2:51
22. Rondo Le Marc-Antoine     2:12
23. Les regrets (tendrement)     3:22
24. Fuga (allegro)     1:32
25. Gavotta La Dedale     3:03

Sixième sonate, en la mineur /
Sixth sonata in A minor

26. La Boucot (adagio)     2:13
27. Allemanda (allegro)     2:48
28. Les tendres badinages
    (allegretto)     2:48
29. L'Invincible     1:44
30. Presto     2:31

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