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Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool

Quator La Flûte Enchantée Quartet

ACD2 2137

This recording is our humble tribute to Sir Paul McCartney's love for his hometown and his immense love of music, a love he has shared with us so generously for nearly half a century.

I had the opportunity to visit Liverpool in 1995 and to meet Sir Paul McCartney in London for a TV interview* regarding his involvement in classical composition.   Two years later, as I had sent him a classical recording of Appaloosa, a transcription for piano 4 hands of Linda McCartney's composition for approval, Paul suggested that I also produce a recording of a transcription of the Liverpool Oratorio.   Chantal Hébert, of La Flûte Enchantée Quartet, loved the idea and started to work on it immediately.   To complete the programme, we asked Canadian composers, Anthony Rozankovic to write an arrangement of the Family Way Theme - Love In The Open Air, from George Martin's original orchestrations, and Robert Lafond to arrange Paul's solo piano composition, A Leaf, for flute quartet.

LOVE IN THE OPEN AIR was composed by Paul in 1966 for The Family Way film starring Hayley Mills and Hywell Bennett.   Released by the George Martin Orchestra on the DECCA label, it won the Yvor Novella Award for Best Theme in 1967.   The LIVERPOOL ORATORIO was commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate their 150th Anniversary.   The music was composed by Paul McCartney and conductor Carl Davis.   It was premiered in 1991 with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Jerry Hadley, Sally Burgess and Willard White in the leading roles.   A LEAF was created by young Russian pianist Anya Alexeyev at the St. James Palace in London on March 23, 1995.   DISTRACTIONS was adapted from Paul's album, Flowers in the Dirt.

Michel Laverdiére
* Paul McCartney's Musical Ways
Produced by ZAQ and TELEFICTION (1996)

Recording suggested and authorized by Sir Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
"Love in the Open Air"
Arrangements: Anthony Rozankovic
  1. Samba     3:22
  2. Waltz     3:21
  3. Rondeau     2:54

Paul McCartney / Carl Davis
Arrangements: Chantal Hébert
  4. War     5:03
  5. School     2:14
  6. Mary Dee & Shanty     3:39
  7. Spanish Lesson     1:29
  8. Father     3:29
  9. Crypt     3:20
10. Wedding     3:02
11. Mr. Dingle     1:40
12. Lullaby     3:17
13. March     2:06
Paul McCartney
A LEAF     12:36
Arrangements: Robert Lafond
14. Andante semplice     1:23
15. Poco piu mosso     1:16
16. Allegro ritmico     1:55
17. Andante     2:47
18. Allegro ma non tanto     3:26
19. Moderato     1:10
20. Andante semplice     0:50

Paul McCartney
21. DISTRACTIONS     4:30
Arrangements: Anthony Rozankovic

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