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Lise Daoust flûte | flute
Marie-Josée Simard marimba, vibraphone

ACD2 2115

n every era composers have developed new musical combinations, always searching for unusual ways to express their ideas.   The element of tone colour has never been more important than in the 20th century.   New technologies, novel instruments and the ever expanding role of percussion in contemporary scores are but a few of the ways in which the musical universe has grown.   Some performers also feel a need to work with new tonal combinations, to innovate in terms of orchestration and performance techniques sometimes in order to create a larger repertoire for their instrument, or simply for the pleasure of playing music which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.   Their intimate knowledge of their instrument lets them discover new sounds and musical textures, adding another dimension to the composer's work.

Dominique Olivier
translation: Christine Holland
Haseo Sugiyama (Japon / Japan)
  1. Poupée nuptiale / Bridal Doll       2:26
      flûte / vibraphone
      d'après une transcription de Ario Yashiro

Michio Miyagi (Japon / Japan)
  2. Haru no Umi       9:09
      flûte / marimba / vibraphone
      d'après une transcription de Ario Yashiro

Ravi Shankar (Incle / India)
  3. L'Aube enchantée / The Enchanted Dawn       12:34
      Raga: Todi
      flûte / marimba

Rentaro Taki (Japon / Japan)
  4. Lune au-dessus du château en ruines       5:09
      Moon Over a Ruined Castle
      flûte / marimba
      d'après une transcription de Ario Yashiro

Arvo Pärt (Estonie / Estonia)
  5. spiegel im spiegel       7:58
      flûte / vibraphone

Tim Brady (Canada)
  6. Circling       12:43
      flûte / vibraphone

Makoto Shinohara (Japon / Japan)
  7. Kassouga       7:42
      flûte / marimba

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