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Super Audio CD Release

"The Blues don't get much better than this." - Stereophile

AQ SACD-1046 Cover "MacLeod's sincere vocal delivery, guitar accompaniment and original compositions substantially expand the blues repertoire and at times push it out of its traditional confines." - Acoustic Guitar Guide To Essential Acoustic Guitar Recordings

"MacLeod is not a mere imitator of a style, but one of the vibrant voices that will keep this sound alive into the next century" - Blues Revue

"Cross an extraordinary acoustic blues guitarist with a savvy singer/songwriter and you've got Doug MacLeod . . . a talented instrumentalist and an impassioned singer, but what stands out are his well turned lyrical phrases and intriguing musical nuances." - Living Blues

Unmarked Road was mastered using the new SONY Direct Stream Digital (DSD)TM System.

[1]   Unmarked Road
[2]   Necessary Clothes
[3]   Little Songbird
[4]   Home Cookin'
[5]   Talking With Strangers
[6]   Roll Like A River
[7]   Lost Like The Wind At Night
[8]   I Want You
[9]   Children Like You
[10] Night Run To Freedom
[11] Cross-eyed In The Mind
[12] Old Country Road

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