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Super Audio CD Release

"He is it, you see.   He is that thing....He's got a lot to give and it's all good." - Ry Cooder

AQ SACD-1038 Cover "Recording of the month.   There's no excuse not to buy this one: it features superlative sound and powerfully moving music.   You won't just be getting our Recording of the Month; you'll be getting one for the ages" - Stereophile

After building a career providing back-up vocals to some of the biggest names in rock and roots music, Terry Evans has come to the forefront in recent years as a concert headliner and recording attraction.

Puttin' It Down was mastered using the new SONY Direct Stream Digital (DSD)TM System.

[1]   Money In Your Pocket
[2]   Too Many Ups And Downs
[3]   Walking In The Same Tracks
[4]   Down In Mississippi
[5]   In This Day And Time
[6]   Rooftop Tomcat
[7]   A Lover Like You
[8]   One Sided Love Afair
[9]   Nasty Doll
[10] Blues No More

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