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South Side Story

[AQM 1059]

AQM 1059 Cover A legend in his hometown of Chicago, Little Al Thomas has been a well-kept secret.   While a staple in Chicago's South Side blues bars, Little Al didn't enter a recording studio until he was 69 years old.   When he did, South Side Story was born.

“Thomas boasts a silky smooth voice and a lot of charisma on South Side Story.”
-- Blues Revue.

If you were in any of the nightspots around 65th east of State Street in Chicago and a famous blues singer walked in, folks would pay attention, but not as much as they'd pay to Little Al Thomas.   He's a long term lord of that South Side turf, though little known elsewhere until this, his CD debut with the Crazy House Band.   It's fitting he'd team with this seasoned, irrepressible unit.

The Crazy House Band:
Tom “Mot” Dutko - drums
John Edelmann - guitar
Ed Galchick - bass
Sidney James Wingfield - piano
Special Guest: Bob Jacobs - organ on “Memphis Girl”

1. Memphis Girl
2. Nobody Sleepin'In My Bed
3. Bad Luck Baby
4. Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door
5. Stepping Out
6. Stranded In St.Louis
  7. Feel So Good
  8. You're Breakin' My Heart
  9. I Gotta Find My Baby
10. Rollin' & Tumblin'
11. Just Like a Fish

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