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Live Like A Hurricane


Terry Evans has always been known as one of the greatest blues vocalists of our time.

AQ-1058 Cover With his remarkable baritone voice that can sound soothingly seductive or boisterously festive, he has provided vocal support to artists such as John Lee Hooker, Ry Cooder, John Fogerty, Rosanne Cash, Marvin Gaye and Boz Scaggs.

On February 25th, Valley Entertainment / AudioQuest Music released this CD, Terry Evans' first live album as a solo performer.   It features the soulful sounds that hark back to his Delta roots.

"Evans proves once and for all he's one of the best singers in contemporary blues and soul." - Down Beat

"... Evans' voice is a rhythm instrument, as motivational as a kick drum.   So you might say his lack of weakness is his only weakness" - LA Weekly

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[1]   I Fancy You
[2]   Rooftop Tomcat
[3]   Honey Boy
[4]   At The Dark End Of The Street
[5]   Bald Head
[6]   Natcha Bone Lover
[7]   Just A Little Bit
[8]   Come To The River
[9]   In This Day & Time
[10] One Way Ticket To Memphis
[11] Put The Money In Your Pocket

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