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"Soul lives wherever Mighty Sam McClain hangs his hat." - Living Blues

AQ-1048 Cover "McClain fires heartfelt lyrics to the core.   (He) engulfs listeners in his emotions and messages of love, acceptance, repentance and honesty." - Blues Revue

Journey continues the recorded legacy of the man considered to be our greatest living soul singer.   Backed by a powerhouse ten piece band and featuring a wealth of new original compositions (in addition to a stunning performance of the Sam Cook classic "A Change Is Gonna Come") Mighty Sam has created another sanctified blues masterpiece.  

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1.   I'm A Man (McClain/Giftos)
2.   Thank You (McClain/Giftos)
3.   A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cook)
4.   New Man In Town (McClain)
5.   No More Tears (McClain/Giftos)
6.   Mr. So & So (McClain)
7.   Time Is Running Out (Jack Perricone)
8.   I'm Yours (McClain/Platt)
9.   Other Side Of The Tracks (Sandra McClain/Giftos)
10. Prove It To Me (McClain/Perricone )
11. Hanging On The Cross (McClain/Katz)
12. Somebody Help Me (McClain/PapaGeorge)

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