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AQ-1035 Cover
What began as a kind of part-time promotional endeavour has blossomed into a significant addition to the family of audiophile music labels.   Somewhat more remarkably, AudioQuest Music has managed to cross over and become a noted presence in the highly competitive world of mainstream jazz and blues.   I thought it would be fitting … to reflect back on a few of the musical highlights I have been fortunate enough to witness over the … years.   Jazz Masters is, in effect, my own personal "desert island disc" list of jazz from our vaults.
- Joe Harley

1.   BK's Broiler - Bruce Katz from Crescent Crawl, AQ-1012
2.   Aurora - Joey Calderazzo from Secrets, AQ-1036
3.   Sensei - Larry Willis from A Tribute To Someone, AQ-1022
4.   Blues On The Corner - Jeff Palmer from Ease On, AQ-1014
5.   Tuda Muda - Victor Lewis from Family Portrait, AQ1010
6.   Angels At Play - Charles Fambrough from Keeper Of The Spirit, AQ-1033
7.   Mirror Puzzle - Kei Akagi from Mirror Puzzle, AQ1028
8.   Suite For Frida Kahlo: Mvt.3 - James Newton from Suite For Frida Kahlo, AQ-1023
9.   Gloria's Step - Mokave from Afrique, AQ-1024
10. The Mermaid - Les Arbuckle from The Bush Crew, AQ-1032
11. My One And Only Love - Bennie Wallace from The Old Songs, AQ-1024
12. Free To Dream - David Binney from Free To Dream, AQ-1040

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