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AQ-1034 Cover
What began as a kind of part-time promotional endeavour has blossomed into a significant addition to the family of audiophile music labels.   Somewhat more remarkably, AudioQuest Music has managed to cross over and become a noted presence in the highly competitive world of mainstream jazz and blues.   I thought it would be fitting … to reflect back on a few of the musical highlights I have been fortunate enough to witness over the … years.   Blues Masters is, in effect, my own personal "desert island disc" list of blues from our vaults.
- Joe Harley

1.   Can't Get You Off My Mind - Lloyd Jones
      from Trouble Monkey, AQ-1037

2.   Kansas City Monarch - Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
     from Still River, AQ-1018

3.   Too Proud - Mighty Sam McClain
     from Give It Up To Love, AQ-1015

4.   Bring It On Home - Doug Macleod
     from Come To Find, AQ-1027

5.   Feel Like Going Home - Robert Lucas
     from Luke And The Locomotives, AQ1004

6.   Down In Mississippi - Terry Evans
     from Puttin' It Down, AQ-1038

7.   Feets Out In The Hallway - Joe Beard featuring Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
     from Blues Union, AQ1039

8.   I'm So Lonely - Mighty Sam McClain
     from Keep On Movin', AQ-1031

9.   Moonshine 2 - Robert Lucas
     from Usin' Man Blues, AQ-1001

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