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AQ-1030 Cover
" David Binney is something brand new - a wild, fresh wind stirring up the status quo of the current jazz scene. The sound is big, sensuously palpable, and beautifully balanced." - Stereophile

"This music is passionate, warm , exciting, exhilarating, but never dull. Heartily recommended." - Cadence

"As a unit, these eight musicians make a strong statement that there is something new under the sun. Jazz does have a future. You can hear it here." - Bill Kohlhasse, LA Times

1.   omen
2.   see how fine my address was
3.   the three stars
4.   without you
5.   meddler
6.   surrounding as influence
7.   watch your head (ben monder)
8.   rue de fishes (scott colley)
9.   dream of five places
10. cochise
11. the luxury of guessing
12. last of the day

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