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AQ-1029 Cover

Works Of Art Vol. 3 is a specially priced sampler containing the best of the best - the cream of the crop from the vaults of the early AQM releases.   Included are tracks from Rob Mullins Band, Les Arbuckle, Robert Lucas, Larry Willis Sextet, Bruce Katz Band, James Newton and more.

1.   One Night In Houston - Rob Mullins Band
      from One Night In Houston, AQ-1020

2.   Emily's Hot Bath - Les Arbuckle
     from No More No Les, AQ-1019

3.   If You Don't Want Me - Robert Lucas
     from Layaway, AQ-1021

4.   King Cobra - Larry Willis Sextet
     from A Tribute To Someone, AQ-1022

5.   Chicago Transformation - Bruce Katz Band
     from Transformation, AQ1026

6.   The Price Of Everything - James Newton
     from Suite For Frida Kahlo, AQ-1023

7.   Beauty Within - Edward Simon Group
     from Beauty Within, AQ1025

8.   Gloria's Step - Mokave
     from Afrique, AQ-1024

9.   Come To Find - Doug Macleod
     from Come To Find, AQ1027

10. Mirror Puzzle - Kei Agagi
     from Mirror Puzzle, AQ-1028

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