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"1/2 Niether relics nor reminiscences, these are fresh, vibrant tunes that make you wonder, again, why Hancock himself doesn't make records like this" - Downbeat

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Three of the tunes on "A Tribute To Someone", including the title track, are Herbie Hancock's.   Four are from Larry Willis.   When playing Hancock's music, Willis speaks from his own experience and his own voice while emphasizing Hancock's compositional genius.   When playing the music written by his own hand, Willis reveals the influences he's absorbed from Hancock, both in his approach to composition and the piano.   Because of Willis' long friendship with the the world-famous keyboardist, this homage is much more touching, much more revealing than most.

1.   King Cobra (Herbie Hancock)
2.   Wayman's Way (Larry Willis)
3.   Sensei (Larry Willis)
4.   A Tribute To Someone (Herbie Hancock)
5.   Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock)
6.   For Jean (Herbie Hancock)
7.   Teasdale Place (Larry Willis)

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