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AQ-1019 Cover
"The Boston-based saxophonist makes an auspicious debut on this impeccably recorded release." - Cadence

"You hear it in his saxophone sound: classically sculptural in its fullness and clean as the light of intelligence. Les Arbuckle: Pass it on." - CD Review

Les Arbuckle has been a legend on the Boston jazz scene for years.   The startling debut of a true tenor sax original.

1-2. Prelude And Groove (Les Arbuckle)
3.   No More No Les (Les Arbuckle)
4.   Black And White (Les Arbuckle)
5.   It's All Right With Me (Cole Porter)
6.   Emily's Hot Bath (Les Arbuckle)
7.   Real Surf Music
8.   Blues Ridge (Fred Hibbard)
9.   Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron)
10. Evie (Anthony Newley)

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