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1993 Blues Album Of The Year - Tower Records Pulse!

AQ-1015 Cover "Give It Up To Love is the R & B comeback of the year."
- Rolling Stone

"Mighty Sam McClain's Give It Up To Love is one of the great soul records"
- Stereophile

Mighty Sam is a rhythm amd blues legend who shook up the blues world with this '93 release.

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1.   Give It Up To Love (McClain, Barry, Entress)
2.   Too Proud (Carlene Carter)
3.   What You Want Me To Do (McClain)
4.   Here I Go Falling In Love Again (McClain, Barry)
5.   Got To Have Your Love (McClain, Entress)
6.   Child Of The Mighty Mighty (McClain, Barry)
7.   I'm Tired Of These Blues (McClain, Entress, Barry)
8.   I Feel Good (Green, Jordan, Fairfax)
9.   Love Me If You Want To (McClain)
10. Don't Turn Back Now (McClain, Entress)
11. Lonesome Road (McClain)

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