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AQ-1010 Cover " This is Victor Lewis, composer, accompanist and painter of moods. A portrait of musical success."
- Downbeat

"An exceptional record." - Jazz Times

Victor Lewis is an extraordinarily talented drummer and composer who has been the subject of recent feature stories in Downbeat, The Wire, Modern Drummer, Jazz Times and Newsweek. Family Portrait features an all star cast of jazz luminaries.

1.   Family Portrait (Victor Lewis)
2.   Lil' Sis (Victor Lewis)
3.   Relentless Desire (Victor Lewis)
4.   A Mis Padres (Victor Lewis)
5.   Tuda Muda (Steve Slagle)
6.   Bella Y Cosima (Victor Lewis)
7.   At A Suggestion From Mr. Peter (Victor Lewis)
8.   And So On...Forever (Victor Lewis)

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