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AQ-1008 Cover

Works Of Art Vol. 1 is a specially priced sampler containing the best of the best - the cream of the crop from the vaults of the early AQM releases.   Included are tracks from Mokave, Strunz and Farah, Robert Lucas, Tuxedo Cowboy and Trio Galanterie.

1.   Rainland - Mokave
2.   Song For The New City - Mokave
3.   Arcades - Strunz And Farah
4.   Lluvia Suave - Strunz And Farah
5.   What Happened To My Shoes - Robert Lucas
6.   Moonshine 2 - Robert Lucas
7.   Big Man Mambo - Robert Lucas/Luke and the Locomotives
8.   I'm So Tired - Robert Lucas/Luke and the Locomotives
9.   Cold Hearted Blue - Tuxedo Cowboy
10. Woman Of The Heart - Tuxedo Cowboy
11. Haydn: Cassation in C Major - Finale - Trio Galanterie
12. Baron: Sonata in B Flat Major - Allegro - Trio Galanterie

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