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AQ-1004 Cover
"Lucas has a way of chilling your spine and warming your soul." - Cadence

Robert Lucas has been called "The blues discovery of the '90's". He has received universal praise from the international blues community for his AudioQuest recordings.

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1.   Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Sonny Boy Williamson)
2.   Big Man Mambo (Robert Lucas)
3.   Slide On Outta Here (Robert Lucas)
4.   Worried About It Baby (Chester Burnette)
5.   Shed A Tear (Robert Lucas)
6.   Feel Like Going Home (McKinley Morganfied)
7.   Don't Your Peaches Look Mellow (Robert Lucas)
8.   Meet Me In The Bottom (John Lee Hooker)
9.   Stranger (Elmore James)
10. I'm So Tired (Robert Lucas)
11. Good-Bye Baby (Robert Lucas)

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