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AQ-1001 Cover Robert Lucas is a blues man y'all.

A few can sing Blues, a few can play Blues, a few can write Blues, but it is rare to find someone who can do all three.

When you listen to Robert Lucas you'll hear the echoes of voices gone like Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Mississippi Fred and Sonny Boy. You will also hear the voice of a young man who truly loves this music and is making it his own. He is preserving and breathing life into a valuable music - the Country Blues.
- Doug MacLeod. August 23,1990

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1.   Usin' Man (Robert Lucas)
2.   Ramblin' On My Mind (Robert Johnson)
3.   What Happened To My Shoes (Robert Lucas)
4.   If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day (Robert Johnson)
5.   If You See That Woman (Robert Lucas)
6.   Moonshine 1 (Robert Lucas)
7.   I'm In Jail Again (Mississippi Fred McDowell)
8.   Dancin' With Mr. Jones (Robert Lucas)
9.   Keep Your Business To Yourself (Sonny Boy Williamson)
10. Me And The Devil (Robert Johnson)
11. Jinx Around My Bed (Son House)
12. Motherless Children (Blind Willie Johnson)
13. It's Christmas Time Baby (Robert Lucas)
14. New View (Robert Lucas)
15. Moonshine 2 (Robert Lucas)

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